We don't sell batteries, we'd need to buy truckloads to offer a price you can get delivered from sellers on Amazon or ebay.

So instead we'll give you links to inexpensive batteries we currently use. If you get a 4 Ah battery that's all you really need.

The solar controller is a 3 stage charger and will fully charge the battery. It will also prevent over discharge to protect the battery. The system runs on 0.5 amps and under 1 watt. When the fan comes on it draws about 5 watts total. The battery and solar controllers primary function is to provide level voltage and watts to the system. If you want to use it to power the fan when there is no sunlight a 20 Ah battery would run the system for about 24 hours. But, we find when the sun isn't adding heat to the hive the bees can regulate the temperature and humidity effectively by themselves. 

12 Volt 12 Ah Rechargeable Battery with F2 Terminals

The battery wire comes set up with F2 terminal connections. 

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