Quickly be alerted to abnormal temperature or humidity readings.

Quickly be alerted to abnormal temperature or humidity readings.

When walking by, you will be able to notice a hive that has a temperature or humidity reading that is out of sync with the other hives in a group and identify a hive that must be inspected.

There are 3 LED displays.  

-The green LED is for the outside air temperature. This thermostat regulates when the fan will come on. Its initially set for 87 ⁰F (30.5 ⁰C) to ensure the fan won't come on if it's colder than that. You can change it and set it to whatever you want. 

-The red LED is the inside hive temperature. Initially set to 93 ⁰F (33.9 ⁰C) If the outside temperature is warm enough, (green LED) the fan will come on and automatically shut off when the inside hive temperature falls below your settings. Again you can set it to whatever you want.

-The blue LED is for humidity. Its initially set at 60%. Which is the high end of the desirable hive humidity range. Bees use evaporative cooling to cool the hive. At 80% humidity evaporative cooling no longer works and bees have to use other methods to cool the hive, like bearding. These other methods involve the bees be taken from foraging to cooling.

When outside air temperatures are below 87 degrees the bees can effectively cool the hive without assistance. 

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